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BDS Bullies Beat Up On Baral

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(h/t Daniel Mael who first broke the story and to Michael Behar for bringing our attention to the matter and for adding context.)
A nice young man is nicely laid out, ripe for the slaughter, on the sacrificial altar of American college campus Jihad. He is the unwitting cog in the wheel for the next stage of the Muslim holy war, in which just being a member of a group that sponsors student trips to Israel, is labeled a hate crime. The young man is Avinoam Baral and he is being targeted not just by his fellow students, but by CAIR, the Council on Islamic Relations with its regional offices all over the United States.
Not one major Jewish American organization has stepped up to the plate to help Avinoam, though in truth, this isn’t about Avinoam. It’s about something much bigger, so much bigger that if we say it aloud, they will jeer at us for saying so, but I will say it anyway: it’s about destroying Israel and the Jews worldwide once and for all and about building a Muslim caliphate.
Don’t believe me? Here’s proof:
Imagine the outcry were we to disqualify Muslim students from the student council because they were affiliated with organizations sponsoring trips to MECCA. Imagine if we tried to get them to sign “ethics” statements that prohibited them from such associations. Imagine if LARGE JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS backed the Jewish students against one single Muslim student for belonging to a group that sponsors trips to his holy site, calling it Jew-hatred.

Obama Calls For Confrontation of Anti-Semitism

President named Ambassador for Humanity by USC Shoah Foundation

More from SJP Vassar - it is "alright" to republish articles from antisemitic White Nationalists

Vassar Students for Justice in Palestine justified their publication of a link from the Occidental Quarterly on their Facebook page as well.

This is a screencap of the discussion:

"If the idea is alright, who cares where they come from?" Would they have the same response if they found out a supporter of Israel had links to racist sites on his or her blog? I doubt it - it would be used as a way to characterize that person also as a racist.

What is wrong with them?

Pro-Palestinian Anti-Semitism at Vassar

In blogs  LINK
Vassar College, which describes itself as “a highly selective, residential, coeducational liberal arts college,” has recently attracted a lot of attention because of the energetic activism of so-called “pro-Palestinian” groups like Vassar’s Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) who were apparently supportedby dozens of faculty members.  As I noted in a related post a few weeks ago, the anti-Zionist – and sometimes also anti-Semitic – website Mondoweiss seemed to view the activism at Vassar as a kind of bellwether indicating victory in the “BDS war on campus.” By now, Mondoweiss has published another similarly triumphant report on a Vassar event with the movement’s “rock stars” Ali Abunimah and Max Blumenthal; according to an announcement on Facebook, the event was co-sponsored by Jewish Studies and the departments of English, Political Science, Religion, Geography, and Sociology.
Before addressing subsequent developments, it is useful to recall that the first Mondoweiss report included the acknowledgement that “SJP students can be obnoxious,” though it also suggested that they should be compared to “abolitionists during slavery” who were “dedicated to a principle worth living and dying for.” However, if this comparison is at all justified, it is arguably in the sense that the goal of “pro-Palestinian” activism is the abolition of the world’s only Jewish state – and it is hardly surprising that the pursuit of this goal indeed often results in undeniably “obnoxious,” i.e. anti-Semitic, conduct.  Please CLICK HERE to keep reading

What Is Going on at Vassar College?

 | @marksjo105.08.2014 - 4:45 PM  Commentary on line LINK

Vassar has recently distinguished itself in at least two ways. First, it is one of a tiny group of colleges whose faculty supported the American Studies Association’s boycott of Israel in substantial numbers. Thirty-nine faculty members signed a letter that sang the praises of the boycott-Israel movement. Second, as I have written here before, Vassar was the venue for an open forum at which two professors were vilified for leading a trip to Israel and at which Jewish students who spoke up were heckled. William Jacobson has provided extensive coverage of the situation at Vassar and was there to speak earlier this week.
In a blog entry describing reactions to Jacobson’s speech, Jewish studies professor Rebecca Lesses draws attention to a series of posts by Vassar’s chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine, the most shocking of which includes this language: “Of course, mainstream media hasbarats have been around for decades, as have ‘hasbaratchiks,’ fifth-columns in foreign governments who subvert national policies to serve Israel.” The author of the linked article, Greg Felton, also wrote a book entitled The Host and the Parasite: How Israel’s Fifth Column Consumed America. Lesses observes that theOccidental Quarterly, on which the SJP draws, is an anti-Semitic magazine. While I hesitate to take the word of the Southern Poverty Law Center, which she cites, for it, a look through the Occidental Quarterly, which includes an article about libertarianism as a creed advanced by Jewish intellectuals to advance Jewish “group evolutionary interests,” tends to support the charge.  Please CLICK HERE to keep reading

SJP Vassar and White Nationalism

NOTE: the following is taken from the excellent blog: Mystical Politics at: 

Last night I tweeted to @SJPVassar about their use of an article from the Occidental Quarterly (seeprevious post), and this is the response I got.

I didn't think it was possible to prove that there exist links (intellectual, political) between at least part of the pro-BDS movement and far right antisemitism and white nationalism, but here it is. I wonder who is writing the tweets for SJP Vassar. If someone is really antiracist, as they claim to be, they would stay far, far away from even a hint of connection to the organized racist and antisemitic far right. 

And it's not accidental - the SJP Vassar Tumblr just posted from another white nationalist on Tumblr.

This is the Tumblr blog of "neonationalist":

His slogan? "I have no white guilt."

2013 Top Schools Jews Choose

NOTE: Vassar does not register in the top 30 in any list. Hmmm....

The top school lists are collaboratively published in Reform Judaism magazine’s RJ Insider’s Guide to College Life, in partnership with Hillel.
by Hillel News |Aug 21, 2013|
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Hillel’s College Guide offers information on hundreds of large and small colleges and universities around the world. It features information on Jewish populations, Jewish studies, fun clubs and initiatives, kosher dining options, religious life, and more. Once you have narrowed down your college choices, contact the local Hillel professional on campus and ask to be put in touch with a current Jewish student.
Visit Hillel's College Guide to:
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U.S. blasts UN appointment of Richard Falk’s wife Hilal Elver, citing ‘biased and inflammatory’ statements

UN Watch welcomes the following statement just issued now by the U.S. government, in response to our letter outlining Hilal Elver’s troubling record.
U.S. Mission to the United Nations in Geneva
For Immediate Release | May 8, 2014
New Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food
The United States again expresses its concern on today’s appointment of Hilal Elver by the UN Human Rights Council to be the new Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food. Ms. Elver’s lack of relevant experience in this area raises questions about her readiness for this assignment. In addition, several of Ms. Elver’s previous publications include biased and inflammatory views regarding the United States and the state of Israel. These views run counter to the dispassionate professionalism central to the work of a Special Rapporteur. Furthermore, this appointment could reflect negatively on the Council’s other special procedures mandates, most of which produce crucial work that highlights, promotes, and protects human rights around the world.
Notwithstanding these concerns, the United States hopes Ms. Elver will use this position to take a constructive approach to addressing the complex challenges of global food security and nutrition.LINK

UCLA Muslim Newsmag Targets Jewish Student

Paper's editorial board calls on Jewish student to disassociate from Hasbara Fellowships which "actively (contributes) to violence against Muslims."

 Daniel Mael  Truth Revolt 

The editorial board of Al-Talib, the Muslim Newsmagazine at UCLA, called onJewish student Avinoam Baral to disassociate himself from the pro-Israel program Hasbara Fellowships due to the group's alleged Islamophobia. Al-Talib alleged that the Jewish program "actively (contributes) to violence against Muslims" and asked that Baral, who is a candidate for Internal Vice President in upcoming UCLA student elections, separate himself from the program. 
The newsmagazine asked that Baral "publicly distance himself from the organization Hasbara Fellowships because of its association with the production and dissemination of Islamophobic documentaries across the United States. Unless Baral distances himself from an organization that disseminates Islamophobia, ties to anti-Muslim networks will remain accepted in campus life and politics."
TruthRevolt asked Ibrahim Hooper, the Communications Director for the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), whether or not the organization approved of the editorial's request, to which Hooper replied, "Your apparent hostility to Islam and Muslims seems to have you grasping at straws."
As TruthRevolt reported on Wednesday evening, a number candidates for UCLA student government were asked to sign an "ethics statement" prohibiting trips to Israel with Hasbara Fellowships, AIPAC and the ADL. StandWithUs Executive Director Roz Rothstein labeled the attempt "bigoted" and Israel on Campus Coalition Executive Director Jacob Baime hoped that students on campus would "not be intimidated by closed-minded zealots with their heads in the sand."Please CLICK HERE to keep reading

Amnesty researcher admits that Palestinian "eyewitnesses" often lie

Thursday, May 08, 2014 Elder of Zyon

Donatella Rovera, an Amnesty field investigator, wrote aninteresting article about the challenges of fact finding in war situations. 

One of her main points is that eyewitnesses are often unreliable. For example:
In Gaza, Lebanon, Libya, Syria, and other places I interviewed civilians who described what they thought were artillery or bomb strikes being launched by far away government forces and striking near their homes – whereas in reality the loud bangs and tremors were caused by mortars or rockets being launched by opposition fighters from their positions nearby. For the untrained ear it is virtually impossible to distinguish between incoming and outgoing fire, and all the more so for those who find themselves close to the frontlines.
Another factor she mentions:
Even if they disregard it, investigators must be alert to the fact that disinformation and misinformation can contribute to shaping the perception of events, the narrative surrounding the events, and the behaviour of people who take it in good faith and internalize it, including victims, witnesses, and others potential sources.
Here Rovera  is referring to lies that spread quickly and then become widely believed - including by "unbiased" NGOs - before anyone has a chance to investigate. How many times have we seen that?
She gives a specific example from Gaza:
Fear can lead victims and witnesses to withhold evidence or give deliberately erroneous accounts of incidents. In Gaza, I received partial or inaccurate information by relatives ofcivilians accidentally killed in accidental explosions or by rockets launched by Palestinian armed groups towards Israel that had malfunctioned and of civilians killed by Israeli strikes on nearby Palestinian armed groups’ positions. When confronted with other evidence obtained separately, some said they feared reprisals by the armed groups.
Meaning that "eyewitnesses" will often claim that there was no terrorist activity in the area of an airstrike and Israel wantonly and indiscriminately killed people for no reason.  Please CLICK HERE to keep reading

BDS Movement: Barbarians Inside the Gates - Part II

by Denis MacEoin
May 8, 2014 at 5:00 am

These politically correct activists are all supposed to be anti-racists and multiculturalists. Yet when artists are banned just because they happened to be born in Israel, it tears apart the very basis of both anti-racism and multiculturalism.
As you doubtless know, many in Europe loathe the United States. Their invective down the years has been an assault on reason and emotional stability, whether directed against the Vietnam war, the response to 9/11 or to the Iraq war. Yet there is no boycott of the United States.
So, despite a hatred for America -- and a perverse love of Iran, Hezbollah, and the PLO -- we come back to the Israeli exception, to the singling out of just one country. However charitable we may try to be, it is hard not to detect the reek of anti-Semitism. Am I being unfair? To people who marched through the streets of European cities chanting, "Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas," (and here and here at Dutch football matches) was that just simple folly -- or proof of intention?
The international Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement [BDS] against Israel is so determined to hurt Israel abroad, that the boycotters also put pressure on performers who even consider holding concerts in Israel.
Carlos Latuff's cartoon calling on performers to boycott Israel.
The pressure works. An endless stream of artists, mainly musicians, have cancelled concerts or simply turned down invitations to play in Tel Aviv or elsewhere in Israel.  Please CLICK HERE to keep reading

Anti-Israel Vassar student group focuses on race of crowd at my speech

Posted by     Wednesday, May 7, 2014 at 11:59am
Legal Insurrection

Not all minds were changed by my speech at Vassar. The speech and lengthy Q&A (see video below) took place after none of the 39 Vassar professors who signed a letter defending the academic boycott of Israel took up my challenge to debate any or all of them.
But that’s okay.
It’s a shame, though, that people who disagree with me have to focus on race.
Vassar SJP Tweets re Jacobson speech
(Original tweets herehereherehere)
Their comment isn’t even accurate and is insulting to the diverse crowd in attendance. Certainly the crowd was mostly white, just like Vassar’s student body and faculty. But so what?
Dividing people by race and trying to drum up racial tension is a deliberate tactic of SJP at Vassar and elsewhere, as was reflected in the highly racialized taunting of two Vassar professors at a March 3 open forum on campus, as previously reported.
I guess I’m not really surprised.   Please CLICK HERE to keep reading

Mystical Politics: Vassar College Students for Justice in Palestine and Antisemitism

Mystical Politics: Vassar College Students for Justice in Palestine and Antisemitism

SJP Vassar Responds to Professor Jacobson

Read this SJP Vassar Response to Professor Jacobson